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eTIME Browser

How do I get access to eTIME?

You must first have access to the secure side of WILENET.

Click here to register for a WILENET account if you do not already have one.

Access to the eTIME system requires a separate registration and authorization outside of WILENET. You will receive a different username and password for eTIME.

Before you can register for eTIME, you must complete the eTIME online operator agreement which is offered on TRAIN. This course covers TIME System basic information and requires the user to agree to abide by all TIME System policies and procedures, including further training and testing requirements.

In order to take the eTIME Operator Online course, your agency's TRAIN administrator will need to register you for the course. Once you are registered you can take the course at any time.

Once you have completed the eTIME online operator agreement, please wait one hour and register through WILENET.

Click here to register for eTIME

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Instructions