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Agency Administered Entry PRTs

The Law Enforcement Standards Board approved Law Enforcement agencies to administer the Entry Physical Readiness Test (PRT) at the 6/1/2021 quarterly meeting.  The agency is limited to administering the Entry PRT to their own recruits.  The Academy Director’s Manual and LESB Policy and Procedures Manual were updated to reflect the change and is cited for reference:

Complete and pass the entry Physical Readiness Test (PRT) within 180 days prior to taking part in any coursework in the law enforcement academy. The entry PRT may be offered by a LESB-certified academy (technical college or employer-based academy), or by a recruit’s employing agency. The entry PRT must be conducted by a Physical Fitness Assessor registered with the LESB as a Credentialed Instructor, and employer-based academies can require that the entry PRT be conducted under the supervision and control of their academy. The Physical Fitness Certificate (located on WILENET in the Training and Standards Bureau Forms section of the website) shall serve as proof of completion of this requirement and kept as part of the student’s record at the academy where training is completed.

The completed Physical Readiness Test Certificate shall be forwarded to the academy director at the appropriate academy in accordance with the deadline for enrollment documentation. Additional information about the proper administration of the PRT is available on the public side of Wilenet.  There is a link to the Physical Readiness Test Handbook as well as a Physical Readiness Test video.